Video Music Awards: What’s with all the theatrics?

The show was good. But why was everything a skit or an act or an edgy move to get noticed? They’re all trying to out-weird each other and it’s weird. Gaga started it when she opened the show with a monologue, acting as her own boyfriend…

Of course she’s an actress now. Just give her the Oscar.
Britney Spears seemed like the most normal, sober one in the place. She showed real human emotion while accepting her award and refused a publicity stunt kiss from Gaga. Justin Bieber didn’t smile once. Maybe to give fans hope that he’s unhappy with Selena Gomez? She looked absolutely fantastic, by the way. But her fellow former Disney darling Miley Cyrus looked like a Geisha Grandma. Attempt to say that three times fast and you’ll be confused as I was by what Katy Perry wore on her head. She couldn’t even excitedly leap onstage when she won ’cause of the thing. What a drag.
I’ve never heard of Tyler the Creator but there was plenty of excitement and leaping when he won. Everyone loves the crying, shaking, Jesus-thanking winner’s mother. Tyler’s Mom was extra grateful. Makes me wonder what Beyonce will do when her growing fetus wins its first Grammy. And kudos to B’s hubby Jay-Z for visibly showing his disgust during Chris Brown’s performance.

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