Tour Group star Michelle Harvey reveals betrayal by former BFF Brandi Glanville

Tour Group breakout sensation Michelle Harvey visits Maria Menounos’ AfterBuzz TV, dishing the details on her history with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and former friend Brandi Glanville and setting the record straight on the drama that went down while filming Tour Group. Joining co-hosts Christy Olson and Lindsey Miller, Michelle reveals the story of former BFF Brandi marrying her ex-husband and how the difficult betrayal led to her taking a trip around the world on Bravo’s latest hit reality show.

Tour Group is only one episode in and already Michelle is stealing the show. The former model is confident that her large amount of screen time is because, “I’ve got a lot to say.” Michelle sets the record straight on her fight with married cast mates Jetta Bates Vasilatos and Jeff Vasilatos, after Jeff tells her to “eat a burger.” “Somebody came at me. If you come at me, you better be careful.”

This is not Michelle’s first shot at reality TV stardom. “I did a pilot show. It was called Model Behaviors. It was done years ago,” she says, revealing that future Real Housewives Brandi Glanville and Kristen Taekman were her cast mates. Michelle recalls nearly ending up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside Brandi, but declares it “would have been with a vicious, vicious person that doesn’t hold back, and there are children involved.” Referring to Brandi she adds, “Now it would be a different story, now that certain cast members are gone.”

Michelle’s history with her former friend includes Brandi marrying her ex-husband Darin Harvey after a night out in Las Vegas. “She did it just to spite me. It was ridiculous. I mean our friendship was twelve years.” Declaring, “This is very little known,” the Tour Group star elaborates on what went down and says, “I think that she got desperate. She thought she was going to be the next Mrs. Harvey, and so she did that.” Will we see these two outspoken reality stars hash it out anytime soon? “Look at the career that I’ve built and what I’m doing and look at the mess that she created. I don’t need to defend myself.”

For more of my AfterBuzz TV interview with Michelle, press play above!

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