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A tale as old as time and other 2012 3D releases

Since I was part of the original big screen audience 20 years ago, I had to see Beauty & the Beast in 3D. So we went to the midnight show last night and it was even more fantastic than when I was five! The 3D looked really good and made the musical scenes even more fun. Plus it’s simply a great fairy […]

Maria Menounos hands me the mic

I couldn’t have guessed this would happen today! While stopping by The Grove for lunch we stumbled across the set of Extra… They were shooting an interview with Ted Danson, who was on 80s classic sitcom Cheers and currently stars in three hit shows. One of the producers said Maria was going to take fan […]

Come along on the TMZ tour of Hollywood!

This will be my fifth bus tour but I’ve been dying to take TMZ’s since they started doing it a few months ago. I paid $50 to be driven around my own neighborhood for two hours and it was totally worth it. Here’s the video… Wasn’t that fun? If you’re in town and going to […]

Mario, Paris, Lisa & Arnold at The Grove

Big day, people! Entertainment show Extra shoots at L.A. outdoor shopping center The Grove.  Lisa Kudrow, Paris Hilton and Nick Cannon stopped by for interviews and Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a surprise appearance. Watch the video… I asked Paris if she was enjoying the single life and she said she was really happy. Mario was super-cool […]

Exclusive Video! Dancing with the Stars sneak peek!

I went behind the scenes (in that I was there and they tape outside) of Extra today at The Grove in Los Angeles… Host Mario Lopez was interviewing rapper/studmuffin Romeo Miller about next week’s Dancing With the Stars premiere. It’s a good thing the artist formerly known as Lil’ Romeo brought his pro dance partner […]

My mini-interview with DWTS’ Romeo

When Romeo and Chelsie were at The Grove for a taping of Extra (see post below) Mario Lopez pulled me on stage… I got to ask Romeo if he’s single and see how both guys loooved me?? They were all so nice and Romeo was definitely charming the female fans–note the sympathetic ‘oooh’ from the […]

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