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EXCLUSIVE: 21 & Over premiere


Everyone 21 and under is amped for 21 & Over to hit theaters… via YouTube It’s like The Hangover but with a younger, hotter (excccluding Bradley Cooper) cast and swap Vegas for college. Those two things are pretty much the same anyway. This is exactly the red carpet you’d expect to see frat boys running down in pink bras […]

Pretty Little Liars premiere exclusive

Forget Santa Claus…A is coming back to town! via YouTube And if you can’t wait for the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere check out my exclusive interview with actress Lindsey Shaw. She dishes on what’s in store for Emily and Paige and talks about the cast’s off-set relationships. Plus Lindsey drops hints on A‘s identity. […]

Burlesque premiere & Christina gets her star

Highlights of my coverage on Hollywood Blvd. as Christina is honored and Burlesque hits the silver screen at the Chinese Theater!

Cher & Christina hit the red carpet at Burlesque premiere

I’ve been waiting foreeevvvver for the Burlesque premiere and I was there! Check out Cher and Christina up-close as they greet fans and walk the red carpet. Both looked great and everyone was so excited to see them!

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