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Is Kim Kardashian a serial cheater?

Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend is making a splash this week, claiming the rapper had an affair with Kim Kardashian. Amber Rose¬†alleges Kim was dating Reggie Bush at the time and says,¬†“They were both cheating.” This is one of many widely reported tales of Kim K.’s two-timing. Football pro Bret Lockett says the two had an emotional […]

Kim & Kris Kall it Kwits! *Rolls eyes*

Between promoting her mom’s book and the family’s new store Kim Kardashian somehow found time to file for divorce today. Kris released a statement professing that he loves his wife and will do anything to save the marriage. Meanwhile Kim was saying, ‘We remain friends and wish each other the best.’ Then she realized everyone […]

Come along on the TMZ tour of Hollywood!

This will be my fifth bus tour but I’ve been dying to take TMZ’s since they started doing it a few months ago. I paid $50 to be driven around my own neighborhood for two hours and it was totally worth it. Here’s the video… Wasn’t that fun? If you’re in town and going to […]

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