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Psychic celebrity couples predictions

Will Mila and Ashton make it down the aisle? Justin and Selena taking the plunge too? Only one man in Hollywood can answer these super relevant questions. No. Not Seacrest… via YouTube Psychic Medium Bill Philipps has lots of answers. He’s helped countless people with his special abilities, including celebrities. That means Bill’s legit. Oh and […]

Video Music Awards: What’s with all the theatrics?

The show was good. But why was everything a skit or an act or an edgy move to get noticed? They’re all trying to out-weird each other and it’s weird. Gaga started it when she opened the show with a monologue, acting as her own boyfriend… Of course she’s an actress now. Just give her […]

Justin Bieber sings through his sickness

I’m really curious what you all think of this. Justin Bieber’s current tour has stopped in the Philippines, where the Pop superteen had a tough time at his last show. The poor kid is so sick  that he dodged backstage several times to toss his cookies. “got called a trooper. lol,” Justin Tweeted. This comes […]

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