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Crystal Harris gives herself Heidi Montag treatment?

I’m no expert but it looks like Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiance had a little nose and/or lip and/or chin alteration… She looks so different left, last weekend in Vegas and a few months ago. Well she haaas been hanging out with Barbie-alike Heidi Montag. Why do these women keep doing this?   What do you think? […]

Celeb Rehab 5 begins shooting

Dr. Drew is back to treat Hollywood’s Attention Whore-itis…I mean addictions. But by the fifth season of this televisional monstrosity they’ve had to get creative. Michael Lohan checked in for anger management issues, and apparently Hobie from Baywatch can’t stop shooting himself in the ass with steroids. Gee I hope those guys are going to […]

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