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Giuliana’s other baby is coming soon

G by Giuliana Rancic is finally making its debut! The E! News Host is showing us her first clothing collection for HSN in this video… via YouTube Giuliana began working on the designs a couple years ago. “Viewers are always asking for style advice so it inspired me to start my own line. My priority was to […]

The best red carpet video ever EVER!


A couple years ago I was working behind the scenes at E!, wondering how to make my red carpet hosting dreams come true. The wardrobe department would sell things the hosts had worn on-air and I scored a couple pairs of Giuliana Rancic’s (my idol for life!) shoes. I couldn’t have imagined I’d be wearing them while interviewing her on the red carpet… […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Hollywood!

Celebrities are daughters and mothers just like us. Of course they’re weird mothers who give birth in $4,000 hostpital ‘suites’ and name their kids Sparrow… via YouTube Our favorite stars talked Mother’s Day on the red carpet this week and has the video. Check it out and look for me interviewing Bachelorettes and Real Housewives. If […]

Giuliana Rancic is healing and returning to reality TV

Watching Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet inspired me to chase my wildest dreams. When I finally got to work with the E! News host she was every bit as smart and gracious as I expected. Now while Giuliana heals from a double mastectomy she continues to display the spirit, passion and humility we all love about her… “When I first […]

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