SNLilo bombs New York

I didn’t laugh once during Lindsay Lohan’s 90 minute SNL stint. But it wasn’t the actress’s fault…

Everyone wondered if Lilo’s forth turn hosting the show would be as memorable and gut-busting-giggle-worthy as her previous appearances. Who could forget Debbie Downer or the Harry Potter parody hilarity? Well that was nearly a decade ago. And some of Lindsay’s acting brilliance got flushed down the toilet with vodka-induced vomit.

On Saturday night she seemed rusty. Check out the video. But SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels and his writing team are the ones who failed. None of the skits were well written. There wasn’t one funny line or scenario or anything!

Hopefully Lindsay’s next venture, starring as actress Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie, will be more successful. It would be good to see her prove everyone wrong and really nail this one!

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