I shop with Vanderpump Rules star

Scheana Marie took me along shopping for her Watch What Happens: Live appearance…

Embedly Powered

And when browsing couture gowns with a reality star, it’s only appropriate to pour her a glass of champagne and bombard her with questions. Like what the hell is wrong with her cruel co-stars and is Andy Cohen happy that she knocked her teeth out?

Scheana also talks candidly about ring shopping with her maybe fiancé, and why she’s cried watching this season. Plus, Champsing & Shopping is the only place you can get a first listen of her new song, Good as Gold. It’s so infectious and will force you to dance. To quote myself on Twitter, “It’s pop yumminess!”

So pour yourself a glass of champs and roll the video above for Scheana’s interview and new song. Then Tweet me your official Fashion Police Officer critique of the dresses we picked out. Cheers!

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