Lilo buying sooome kind of crystals

UPDATE 8/18: You may now see the video here. It certainly appears that Lindsay and her friend are buying cubes of white stuff. It also seems to be a total set-up. Poor Lilo. Even her dealer’s out to get her.

Radaronline is reporting¬†that Lindsay Lohan was filmed buying drugs in Venice yesterday. They don’t have the video and don’t say who does. I scoured the internet but couldn’t find it.


Lilo’s rep says what the actress’s friend is handing her in the video is a plastic baggie of…crystals–spiritual crystals. If Lindsay’s rep acknowledges the video’s existence then where is it? Maybe her lawyers forced the site to pull it already. If Lindsay’s legal team could prove that the site broadcasting the video knows they are pushing a false story, then they can demand it be removed immediately.
Maybe it was Radaronline that had the video in the first place! They could print that story without implicating themselves while still breaking a big news exclusive. What do you think? Tweet me @ChristyReports!

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