Gilmore Girls reboot exclusive: Who’s in?

Fuller House is one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever and Girl Meets World is shooting its third season. So naturally, Gilmore Girls is the latest 90s hit to get remade…

But the Full House and Boy Meets World revivals maintain the charm of their predecessors by bringing back the cast we already know and love. Will Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and their onscreen family and friends return for Netflix’s remake, reportedly titled simply, Gilmore Girls?

I have all the info for you, including the theme of the four episode (yes, only four episodes!) series. Plus there’s an exclusive interview with Damian Pelliccione, the party planner who was written into the reboot after fans who loved him on the original show staged a social media protest.

Press play above for everything  you want to know about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix!

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