Female celebs glorifying violence?

On tonight’s episode of The World According to Paris you’re going to see the socialite smack her boyfriend in the face. Hard. Well, hard for a blonde with a Body Mass Index of 12 and a blood alcohol level at .15…

YouTube Preview Image

*Shiz goes down at 4:15 Paris was laughing about it on George Lopez’s show and no one really seems to care that she went all domestically violent on her man of over a year, in a crowded club with cameras rolling! Good thing no one is watching her show or that would be a bad example.


Rihanna’s latest music video caused a little more of a stir. In ‘Man Down’ the singer shoots and kills a man who raped her. I couldn’t even watch it. It’s very understandable that Rihanna wants to portray herself as a strong woman, after the Chris Brown situation. And while we’re on that why are people still buying his music and watching him on TV? Are these celebrities endorsing violence? What about Megan Fox and Eminem/Rihanna’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’ vid?

I definitely think it’s the parents’ responsibility to keep this kind of PG-13 media away from their kids. But do the rest of us even need to see it? Leave your comments or Tweet me @ChristyReports.

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