Dance Moms Lawsuit THE EXCLUSIVE: My interview with a former student

A shocking lawsuit surfaced today, filed by former Dance Moms star Paige Hyland. The 13-year-old claims to suffer from panic attacks and extreme anxiety, allegedly caused by dance studio owner Abby Lee Miller. Citing cruel treatment, verbal and physical attacks and long hours, the lawsuit follows a 2013 physical altercation between Abby Lee and Paige’s mother, Kelly Hyland.

But what does a former member of the ALDC have to say?

Successful dancer, model and actress Allie Meixner began taking lessons at the studio when she was just three years old. Under Abby Lee’s direction, Allie studied in New York as a teenager and recently performed with Beyoncé at the MTV VMAs. I ran into her at a Hollywood event, where we talked about Abby’s harsh reputation and how Allie feels about her experience with the notorious teacher, now that she’s an adult. Press play above for the full interview.

You can also check out my past vlog below, featuring snippets from a chat I had with Paige and her sister Brooke Hyland last summer. While details regarding the teenager’s alleged condition are unknown, she certainly doesn’t show signs of anxiety while answering my questions on the red carpet…

You’ll definitely get a feel for what my opinion is in the videos. We’ll have to wait and see if Kelly Hyland takes responsibility for subjecting her daughters to the alleged mistreatment. I’m also curious how much blame will be placed on the Dance Moms‘ production team. Let’s not forget the Hyland family were willing, paid participants in the hit show, which made them stars around the world.

I really want to know what you all think about this! So post your comments below and follow me on Twitter @CHRISTYreports to join the conversation.

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