Dance Moms cast exclusive interview: Who’s leaving ALDC?

Abby Lee Miller, the Abby Lee Dance Company and all their Dance Moms drama mamas talked to me on the red carpet at the Reality TV Awards…

With growing speculation over which mother/daughter duos may be leaving the team I took the opportunity to ask the Dance Moms stars themselves! While some are certain their ALDC jackets aren’t in jeopardy, Abby sounds apprehensive. “Let’s see how their contract negotiations go first,” the reality star laughs. But it’s no joke to Maddie Ziegler‘s mom, Melissa Gisoni. “I would say no,” she answers quickly when asked if the team will stay the same.

Fans have noticed a divide among the cast, which is beginning to play out on the hit Lifetime series. JoJo Siwa and mom Jessalyn describe being left out of recent ALDC appearances. “We haven’t really been a part of those,”Jojo says, referring to events in Australia. “So me and Nia have found a really good connection with each other,” she continues, referring to co-star Nia Sioux whose future with the team is also in question. Nia and her mother Holly Frazier have been critical of Abby and the way she treats them on Dance Moms. “As much as she might want to get rid of us, we’re not going anywhere,” Holly declares.

The girls’ respective music careers have been a major point of contention on the show. Nia released ‘Star In Your Own Life’ without Abby’s help and her friend Jojo is following suit. When asked if the ALDC matriarch is involved in her new single, ‘I Can Make U Dance,’ Jojo responds adamantly, “Nope. Not at all. I’m gonna say it loud and clear…nothing!”

But it’s safe to assume Abby will have a heavy hand in McKenzie Ziegler‘s latest music project. Following the success of ‘Girl Party’ the pint-sized dancer who calls herself Mac-Z is releasing a new album. Mom Melissa excitedly reveals, “It’s coming out very soon.” But will Dance Moms fans get to see Mac-Z hit the recording studio? “I don’t really need the show to platform them, you know, I’m good,” she attests.

If Abby gets her wish she may be too busy to worry about the ALDC and their dueling moms. Is the infamous dance teacher eyeing a spot on Dancing With the Stars? Roll the video above for her answer and to hear Jill Vertes chime in. Either way Abby will be spending more time in Los Angeles this summer as she opens ALDC L.A. on May 30. Check out the full interview to hear more about the new studio.

Fans will undoubtedly remain loyal to the original Dance Moms and their daughters. As controversy swirls around them Maddie, McKenzie, Nia, Jojo and teammates Kendall Jenner and Kalani Hilliker‘s continue to dance together. “We basically call each other sisters,” Kendall explains. That decade long bond between the girls is what anchors the show and keeps us watching…hopefully for many more seasons to come!

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    The amount of names you spelled wrong in this article is atrocious! Mackenzie not Mckenzie. Kendall Jenner? For real? how do you mistake a 12 year old for kendall jenner?

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