Psychic celebrity couples predictions

Will Mila and Ashton make it down the aisle? Justin and Selena taking the plunge too? Only one man in Hollywood can answer these super relevant questions. No. Not Seacrest…

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Psychic Medium Bill Philipps has lots of answers. He’s helped countless people with his special abilities, including celebrities.┬áThat means Bill’s legit. Oh and he totally gave my cameraman an on-the-spot reading. Several family members came through from the other side. And not that I needed convincing (yes I’m one of those people) but it was astonishing.

Back to the celebs. Bill discusses the future of a few A-list couples, with some surprises. Roll the video to check it out and Tweet me @ChristyReports.

Click here to see if Bill is coming to your city soon. He’s unbelievable!

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