Celeb Rehab 5 begins shooting

Dr. Drew is back to treat Hollywood’s Attention Whore-itis…I mean addictions. But by the fifth season of this televisional monstrosity they’ve had to get creative. Michael Lohan checked in for anger management issues, and apparently Hobie from Baywatch can’t stop shooting himself in the ass with steroids. Gee I hope those guys are going to be OK. *rolls eyes* Anyway, we know their castmates Bai Ling and Heidi Montag have some real drug issues.  *rolls eyes again* But we also know throwing them in a camera-wired house with a bunch of other Hollywood crazies is not going to help. Bai Ling and the ‘Long Island Lolita’ (Google her) have already left, claiming there was no hot water in the building. I’m suuure VH1 didn’t turn it off to cause drama. Michael Lohan and the Real Housewives’ White House crashers chose to endure the cold showers, but have fallen ill because of it. Hmmm. Better not give them pills to cure that. And don’t wait by the mailbox for a card from Lindsay, Daddy Lohan. Michael  didn’t bother to tell his famous daughter that he was doing the show. Disgusting. How long ’til Michael and Heidi Montag start selling the story of their torrid rehab affair? Ew. Good luck with this bunch, Doc.

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