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What’s trending today *tweet*tweet*

Since you’re all a bunch of social media mongers (totally a real word) let’s see what you’re tweeting and instavinkeendering (that one I made up) today… It’s more than the headline newsmakers and stars’ Instagram throwback pics. Music fans counted down, Buffy reflected on Eva Longoria’s age and Tia Mowry made us question all celebrity tweets. Roll […]

Favorite clips from life in Hollywood

Whew! You all have been on this crazy ride with me for a couple years now… via YouTube And this is your thank you gift for watching my hundred YouTube videos! It’s some of the best moments, all together in two minutes. OK 2:18. You try fitting this much fabulousness into 120 seconds! Thanks for watching, […]

$500,000 hair straightener!!

Yes, that’s half a million dollars for a flat iron! Only in Tinsel Town… via YouTube Iso Beauty unveiled the 30 karat sapphire-studded masterpiece at Roger Neal’s Oscars lounge. The gem has ionic power to smooth your hair (seriously!) and the straightener also doubles as an MP3 player. How over-the-top glamorous! Celeb hair stylist Marcello Costa, who works […]

A new Meatless Monday challenge

The Twitterverse chirps with #MeatlessMonday tweets every week and stars like Oprah, Olivia Wilde and TV Chef Giada de Laurentiis have taken the pledge… People around the world are cutting out meat once a week to promote the health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. The movement began during World War I, with a 2003 revival making Meatless […]

One more before the betrAyal!

Maya’s killer will be revealed on Pretty Little Liars‘ upcoming season three finale. But before we dive into that let’s take a moment to honor the beloved cast member we lost on last night’s episode… via YouTube Hannah’s super cute hot pink jeans. We loved you! You inspired us to shop and proved neon is still hot. […]

Singer to guest star on ‘favorite show ever’

Miranda Lambert is on a roll! After recently being crowned Female Vocalist of 2011 at the CMAs, the singer is set to make her acting debut on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit… “Yall I’m so freaking excited to be on my favorite show ever!!!” Miranda Tweeted. She will play an actress who accuses a reality […]

Kim & Kris Kall it Kwits! *Rolls eyes*

Between promoting her mom’s book and the family’s new store Kim Kardashian somehow found time to file for divorce today. Kris released a statement professing that he loves his wife and will do anything to save the marriage. Meanwhile Kim was saying, ‘We remain friends and wish each other the best.’ Then she realized everyone […]

16 things you want to know about the teenage bride

51-year-old Lost actor Doug Hutchinson recently married a 16-year-old beauty queen. Can you believe it? Who is this girl? Meet Courtney Alexis Stodden… 1. She’s ‘working on some upcoming pop music’ 2. Says she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery 3. Has spoken out against cyberbullying & in support of skin cancer awareness amongst teens 4. […]

Nick Lachey makes same mistake twice…

And I don’t mean marrying an airhead. I mean he’s allowing cameras to capture his wedded bliss–again. You’d think after crashing and burning with Newlywed Jessica Simpson, Nick would have said no to TLC’s offer to cover his second wedding day. But he’s probably pretty broke and in need of the paycheck.   They’re keeping […]

Justin Bieber sings through his sickness

I’m really curious what you all think of this. Justin Bieber’s current tour has stopped in the Philippines, where the Pop superteen had a tough time at his last show. The poor kid is so sick  that he dodged backstage several times to toss his cookies. “got called a trooper. lol,” Justin Tweeted. This comes […]

Amanda Bynes buys new pups like they’re purses!

I can’t decide if I’m more sad about this, or angry. Little Angel (below, left)… Angel, former pooch to Amanda Bynes, became former when she “got out of my house somehow,” as Amanda Tweeted a week ago. The actress announced a day later that Angel was in Heaven. I wish Amanda had been more careful […]

Celebs who complain about fame

A deep thought from Hollywood…

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