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Pretty Little Liars finale & season 4 scoop


Does thinking about the PLL season finale make you hysterical and a little sad at the same time?       via YouTube (There’s so much we don’t know! How can it be over already?? What will I watch until June?!) Then set your DVR and check out this exclusive interview with star of the show, Lindsey Shaw. She drops […]

Vanderpump Rules fashion & drama

Stassi, Scheana, Katie and Kristen took the night off from waiting tables at SUR to walk the red carpet… via YouTube The Vanderpump Rules stars looked phenomenal and didn’t skimp on the juicy interviews. But were they together? Roll the video for an update on their friendships, fashions and relationships. Plus, Scheana made amends with Brandi […]

Hollywood’s favorite spring style

Might be getting ahead of myself here, but it’s 80° in L.A. and I’m going to declare that SPRING HAS SPRUNG! via YouTube So I’ve been asking everyone on the red carpet about their favorite spring fashion trends. Check out what Twilight star Christian Serratos, 21 & Over newcomer Raquael Torres and more Hollywood fashionistas have […]

Kaya Jones stands up for PCDs

Former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones is like a Spice Girl for the 21st century–Girl Poweeerrr… via YouTube Besides being a vocal powerhouse, this talented lady is designing a fashion line for girls and teens. She also owns her own record label. I guess somebody was smart with her PCD cash! As she should be, Kaya’s pretty protective of […]

Inside a celebrity gifting suite

Celebrities don’t need free stuff. But they get bombarded with gift bag after luxury gift bag at every event–just for walking the red carpet! via YouTube There are even ‘gift suite’ parties before the events, just so no wealthy star ever has to pay for anything they wear, use or eat. Sound awesome? Well I’m taking you inside one of these […]

Academy Awards Night of 100 Stars

Nearly 200 Oscar winners and nominees, film, TV and music stars attend an annual Academy Awards viewing party at The Beverly Hills Hotel… via YouTube It’s called the Night of 100 Stars and it’s just as fabulamorous as it sounds! Everyone donned their glitziest gown, even though one celebrity had a shockingly disgusting limo ride to the […]

$500,000 hair straightener!!

Yes, that’s half a million dollars for a flat iron! Only in Tinsel Town… via YouTube Iso Beauty unveiled the 30 karat sapphire-studded masterpiece at Roger Neal’s Oscars lounge. The gem has ionic power to smooth your hair (seriously!) and the straightener also doubles as an MP3 player. How over-the-top glamorous! Celeb hair stylist Marcello Costa, who works […]

Beauty on a Budget: episode 1


I’m an expert bargain shopper. I can dress like it came from Rodeo Drive when I’ve really scored on the clearance rack…       via YouTube Now I’m spilling my shopping secrets with you on a web show called Beauty on a Budget. Check out the premiere episode for $100 off at Express, plus great deals from, […]

Grammy Awards Style Psychic

The Grammys is the most fashionably fun awards show of them all. Some stars look impeccable year after year (Heidi Klum!) and others like Fergie or Lady Gaga, aren’t afraid to take a chance in an eggshell. Tell me who you think will grab headlines… Other ideas? Tweet me @ChristyReports!

Katharine steals JLo’s look

And no one notices but me! When Smash star Katharine McPhee arrived at the Globes everyone began gushing over her flawless, edgy look… But I instantly recognized the dress/high hair/smoky eye combo as a JLo style from a few years ago. Jennifer wore a plunging, thigh-baring number in 2003 to the premiere of Gigli. (That terrible movie […]

Gotta have these shoes!

International Model Maryse Oullet launched her jewelry line in Beverly Hills and showed off some other hot accessories… via YouTube I was on the red carpet for ShoesTV and got the full story on her heel-less suede wedges. You seriously have to check out these shoes! Also hear Maryse’s boyfriend, ‘The Miz’ describe the shoe closet […]

Dance all night long!

Pretty, glittering holiday heels seem like a fabulous idea, two weeks ahead of time when you’re planning your outfit… via YouTube One hour into the party your feet may be throbbing and you’ll be wishing for flats. But it is possible to rock those glamorous stilettos all night long. Here’s my chat with Podiatrist Steven Rosenberg about how to […]

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

My ShoesTV friends and I hit up the iiJin Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show to see what stars were rocking on their tootsies… via YouTube I talked to former Miss USA Susie Castillo, American Idol alumni Pia Toscano, Diana DeGarmo and her fiancé Ace Young. Plus, the iiJin shoes and fashion were mind blowing! Check it […]

Carrie Underwood’s CMA Awards looks

The Country Music Association Awards is one of my favorites because everyone seems like they’re having so dern much fun… via YouTube And what could be more fun than 12 wardrobe changes?! Well that’s exactly how many Carrie Underwood pulled off, including different hairstyles and accessories for each look. Plus since she hosted the show girl had to do some major quick […]

The latest from American Idol faves

I talked to some of the most popular American Idol finalists at LA Fashion Week and got updates on their upcoming albums, relationships and other juicy stuff… via YouTube Pia Toscano, a fan favorite of season ten, dishes on her upcoming debut album and her love life. Check out the video to see what she looks for in a guy. You […]

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