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Meatless Monday inspiration from Mya Singer’s Vegan journey & favorite recipe

Happy Meatless Monday, everyone! Whether you’re trying a veggie burger for the first time or are a die-hard Vegan, this interview with Mya will inspire you to try something new… Roll the video for Mya’s reasons to live a cruelty-free life. She’s very convincing! Plus, the singer/songwriter and Chicago star shares her favorite meatless recipe […]

Former WWE Diva talks Total Divas, staying fit while eating carbs

Torrie Wilson is one of my favorite ladies to run into on the red carpet… TORRIE WILSON INTERVIEW | WWE DIVA TALKS TOTAL DIVAS & FITNESS Aside from grilling her on her Diva days, I always like to hear what Torrie is doing to stay in shape. Press play above to check it out!

truSculpting at Blue Medi Spa


In Hollywood a woman has two choices: 1)Practice portion control, hit the gym and accept your problem areas or…       via YouTube 2)Arrive to a luxurious waiting room, order a latte and have your fat melted off. Well after twenty-seven years of taking the natural route, I decided to try fat loss methods […]

Hollywood battles holiday weight gain

Even slim celebrities cave in to the cookies this time of year. So how do they stay on Santa’s ‘Good Body’ list? via YouTube Here’s what stars from True Blood, The Bachelorette and America’s Next Top Model had to say. Roll the video for tips on what to eat, what to avoid and how to stick […]

Dance all night long!

Pretty, glittering holiday heels seem like a fabulous idea, two weeks ahead of time when you’re planning your outfit… via YouTube One hour into the party your feet may be throbbing and you’ll be wishing for flats. But it is possible to rock those glamorous stilettos all night long. Here’s my chat with Podiatrist Steven Rosenberg about how to […]

A new Meatless Monday challenge

The Twitterverse chirps with #MeatlessMonday tweets every week and stars like Oprah, Olivia Wilde and TV Chef Giada de Laurentiis have taken the pledge… People around the world are cutting out meat once a week to promote the health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. The movement began during World War I, with a 2003 revival making Meatless […]

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