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The Hollywood Museum has Marilyn, Lucy & Joan

If you come to Hollywood and want to see Marilyn Monroe’s jewels, Lucille Ball’s lipstick or costumes from today’s hottest TV shows, head to the only official Hollywood museum… HOLLYWOOD MUSEUM TOUR | LOS ANGELES SIGHTS | MARILYN MONROE & LUCILLE BALL MEMORABILIA The Hollywood Museum has thousands of artifacts on four floors of Tinseltown’s […]

Unique anti-bullying red carpet fashion

Forget answering phones at a telethon. Hollywood does charity fundraisers a little differently now… HOUSE OF BLUES BULLYING FUNDRAISER | JANICE DICKINSON & REAL HOUSEWIVES STAR INTERVIEWS Like an anti-bullying concert at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, complete with red carpet photographers and low necklines. That’s where a few famous ladies gave me some […]

Bachelor in Paradise a ‘nightmare’?!?!

Here’s your first look at the cast of brand new The Bachelor spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise! The reality stars had just returned home, emotions clearly still reeling, when I scored this exclusive… BACHELOR IN PARADISE CAST INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE AT COLON CANCER EVENT Fan favorites like Michelle Money, Jesse Kovacs and Lucy Aragon were shipped off to Tulum, Mexico for […]

A-listers at the 5th Annual Thirst Gala

Some of Hollywood’s most passionate do-gooders are involved with Thirst Project, helping to make clean water accessible around the world… THIRST GALA CELEBRITY RED CARPET INTERVIEWS | At the Fifth Annual Thirst Gala in Beverly Hills stars like Jennifer Garner, Debby Ryan and Drake Bell came together to raise over $250,000. I was on the […]

Move over Ryan…I wanna be Shecrest!

I’ll never get bored of grilling celebrities on the red carpet. But a girl’s gotta branch out and try something new once in awhile. So I wrote a parody song and made a music video. Never done that before! Now that you’ve been warned about my beginning singer status, press play above to see what it’s […]

Dancing With the Stars celebrity selfies

After last night’s dazzling finale the pros and celebs of Dancing With the Stars were ready to party! I joined them at Sofitel in Beverly Hills and handed over my phone so the cast could capture their last night together… That’s right. This super cute collection of pics was taken by the stars themselfies :-). […]

What’s trending today *tweet*tweet*

Since you’re all a bunch of social media mongers (totally a real word) let’s see what you’re tweeting and instavinkeendering (that one I made up) today… It’s more than the headline newsmakers and stars’ Instagram throwback pics. Music fans counted down, Buffy reflected on Eva Longoria’s age and Tia Mowry made us question all celebrity tweets. Roll […]


Seriously, who always has the PLL scoop for you before anyone else?? And the scoop is the season five premiere will be “gnarly,” “insane” and “shocking”… via YouTube That’s coming from Pretty Little Liars stars Ian Harding (Ezra), Torrey DeVitto (Melissa) and Brant Daugherty (Nole), who had a lot more to say about the upcoming new season. Roll […]


Hollywood’s hottest young stars walked the red carpet for Road to Hope, at Bootsy Bellows in L.A…. via YouTube The passionate group, including stars from Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill, were in of support African orphans who provided hospice care to their parents. It’s a heart wrenching issue most of us have never even […]

Psychic celebrity couples predictions

Will Mila and Ashton make it down the aisle? Justin and Selena taking the plunge too? Only one man in Hollywood can answer these super relevant questions. No. Not Seacrest… via YouTube Psychic Medium Bill Philipps has lots of answers. He’s helped countless people with his special abilities, including celebrities. That means Bill’s legit. Oh and […]

EXCLUSIVE: Ariane’s album release party


This week’s new episode of Total Divas features Ariane’s album release party in Hollywood. But you can see the exclusive interviews here first–like always! via YouTube Ariane, her man Vincent & co-star Eva Marie talked Total Divas, wrestling, babies and marriage. If you caught this post when it first went up you’d have known about Eva’s surprise wedding before […]

Favorite clips from life in Hollywood

Whew! You all have been on this crazy ride with me for a couple years now… via YouTube And this is your thank you gift for watching my hundred YouTube videos! It’s some of the best moments, all together in two minutes. OK 2:18. You try fitting this much fabulousness into 120 seconds! Thanks for watching, […]

Young Hollywood celebrates GBF release

Ahhh the glamorous life of a young Hollywood star! Photo shoots, film premieres, a mimosa soaked brunch date with your fellow famous hotties… via YouTube And starring in a movie once in awhile. OK, Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse and her GBF co-stars work pretty darn hard. Sasha, Paul Iacono and Xosha Roquemore managed to squeeze […]

PLL star sings & spills on Emison


We now know Alison DiLaurentis is still alive, still pretty and still lying. But there are lots of things we don’t know. via YouTube So I dug for answers from Ali herself, Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse. Press play above to hear if Ali and Emily are happening (Emison!), what she thinks of the finale and oh yeah… […]

VLOG: Urkel is coming back to TV


Did Iiii do thaaat?? Ha! I’m sure you remember Steve Urkel bursting through the Winslows’ door, with his pants pulled up to his chin… via YouTube If you weren’t watching Family Matters in the 90s, maybe Dumb and Dumber was more your style. Either way, the 90s revival happening on TV and in movies has […]

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