Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules fashion stylist’s tips

Stylist to my favorite reality stars, Ali Levine, is revealing the fashion secrets of Taylor-Anne Hasselhoff, Scheana Marie Shay and more…

Ali also gives tips on wearing the hot, new trends of fall and how to make your statement necklace stand out like a SUR server’s. Press play above and head over to for more style advice. She has so much fun stuff!

Transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield on Caitlyn Jenner & trans violence

The Bold & the Beautiful star Scott Turner Schofield is involved in one of the only transgender love stories on TV…

The actor and activist, who is trans himself, talked to me about Caitlyn Jenner and the issues plaguing their community. Roll the interview above and follow me on CHRISTYreports for the latest from Hollywood.

Comedy Underground Series red carpet: ‘Barbershop 3′ scoop & more

Some familiar faces of comedy are starring in UMC’s upcoming Comedy Underground Series Volume 3 & 4

I was on the red carpet for the pre-show & had the torturously difficult job of interviewing comedians while laughing uncontrollably. Check it out above. Actress Jazsmin Lewis drops some big names you can expect to see in Barbershop 3 and an OWN reality couple talk about their relationship.

My interview with Eva Marie: Total Divas star talks NXT debut, being a WWE heel & Vince McMahon’s influence

Total Divas

Reality star and WWE Diva Eva Marie sat down with my Total Divas After Show co-host and I for an in-depth, super revealing interview…

Press play above to check out the full Eva Marie interview. Here are some highlights:

On her recent NXT debut: It was such an incredible feeling. It felt like an out of body type experience just because I hadn’t stepped in the ring for so long and to go out there and, the WWE Universe as well as the NXT Universe, they let you know. They are very opinionated, they give it to you. So I love them to death and they sure gave it to me that night and it was awesome.

Being a heel: I’m just trying to do my job and get better at it. And you know it might seem I’m being a little heelish in the sense of I can’t really let what others think of me get me down, because at the end of the day I just want to be a great entertainer and a great performer for the WWE Universe. And I’m just trying to get better at my craft so that I can go out there and perform super well with my co-workers.

Does jealousy fuel the Total Divas drama: I don’t like to say if other women are jealous of another. But I do think, you know, when opportunity presents itself you take the bull by the horns and you just go! Because it’s all about hard work and what you do with that opportunity…Maybe the girls are a little bit, but I’m not sure.

On the #DivaRevolution: Those three girls came up. They killed it. They stole the show. And it’s everything that I think the main roster needed. You know they needed some type of mix-up and that’s what NXT, the girls, have definitely done.

Working with Brian Kendrick & finally getting to train: Brian is amazing and we just started from the basics. Because I had to get surgery in October so that took me out, and then I made a promise to myself that when I came back to WWE I was gonna ask can I please step away and train…So when I came back after my surgery this year I went ahead and I asked Vince and Hunter can I please step away from TV and really focus on training. And they both supported me 110% so I was able to go ahead and start with Brian from square one.

On Vince McMahon & her co-stars speculation: I don’t know where that comes from. Vince and I’s relationship is very much only when I see him. And that’s a rarity, even when we’re at TV or something you don’t really see him just walking around…So my relationship with Vince is very if I run into him I’ll see him one-on-one and have a conversation. But other than that, I don’t know, I think it’s just something that the girls can just kind of say…because it’s not anything out of the norm.

Triple H’s reaction to her NXT debut: I was able to speak with him and he was very excited and very happy. So to have his support and his kind of like stamp of approval that everything went super well was awesome.

On that hair and how ‘All Red Everything’ came to be: Originally it came as joke, just because when I dyed my hair red I started hashtagging #AllRedEverything because literally everything would turn red. Like my pillow cases–red. My shower–red. Towels red. Sheets. And I would leave it, like, everywhere. So it was like kind of a funny joke my husband and I would make because I’m like, oh my god. Everything is red, seriously!

Check out Eva Marie, Brie & Nikki Bella, Paige and the rest of the Total Divas Tuesday nights on E!. Then tune into our AfterBuzz TV Total Divas After Show, live at 10pm PST–hosted by yours truly! And follow me on Twitter for the latest videos, news and links.

Flex and Shanice on their reality show & meeting Oprah

Flex Alexander and Shanice return for a second season of their OWN reality series, Flex and Shanice

That’s O-W-N, as in Oprah Winfrey Network, and the couple told me exclusively about hanging out with The Big O, what they’re up to on the new season and how they feel about sharing the darkest time in their life.

Roll the video above to see the full interview and follow me on Twitter for more reality TV exclusives!

The Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Meghan King Edmonds & husband Jim’s revealing interview


The Real Housewives of Orange County stars Meghan King Edmonds and husband Jim Edmonds visit Maria Menounos‘ AfterBuzz TV, revealing details of their often scrutinized marriage and divulging which fellow cast member is giving them the silent treatment. Joining my co-hosts and I for the network’s The Real Housewives of Orange County after show, Meghan explains her suspicion of Brooks Ayers‘ cancer diagnosis and finally responds to co-star Shannon Beador, exclaiming, “Get over it!”

The couple have sparked much conversation among viewers about their nontraditional relationship. But Meghan King Edmonds and Jim finally elaborate on the story of how they met, in this exclusive interview. “I stalked her,” the MLB All-Stars laughs. “I’m not proud but I’m not kidding,” Jim continues, admitting his future third wife wasn’t single at the time. “I said, ‘When they break up call me.”

When the conversation turns to another OC couple, Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers, Meghan defends herself for questioning Ayers’ stage three cancer diagnosis. “A lot of pieces don’t fit into place,” the new reality star says, adding that several of her co-stars are also suspicious.”Vicki and Brooks have said things that kind of are contradicting or they raise suspicion or questions and it’s not just me.”

Fans have watched Meghan King Edmonds try to fit in with the other housewives, like Gunvalson and Shannon Beador. “Shannon’s not talking to me right now and I don’t know why,” she confesses. “We were in a good place at the end of filming and now she’s not talking to me.” This answers questions many have been asking about the status of her friendship with Beador.

For more of Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds’ interview on AfterBuzz TV, including details on the cast’s trip to Tahiti, check out the full video above.

EXCLUSIVE: WWE Diva Alicia Fox talks Total Divas season 4

The brand slammin’ new (see what I did there?!) Total Divas season 4 premieres TONIGHT and star Alicia Fox is giving us tons of reasons to watch…

WWE Diva Alicia Fox

I caught up with the WWE Diva at the Reality TV Awards in Hollywood, where Alicia spilled the deets on Total Divas season 4.

Would she ever date a pro wrestler again: “No! No. Before you even finish that sentence, absolutely not. Never. Never. Done. They’re off the radar. Like I can’t even see them–I’m blinded.”

If she’s single right now: “Yes! Absolutely. I’m not taken!”

Does Alicia have regrets from her first season on the show: “No, there’s nothing I regret. If anything I benefitted so much because personally I grew. I grew and then like seeing yourself back you’re just like wow…I really grew, you know? It’s a different experience. I don’t like to watch myself back. But it definitely is, it’s definitely I think very brave to play your life out in front of everyone. But I think it’s also something people can relate to and help them grow too.”

On last season’s deleted scene when she threw co-star Ariane’s phone in the pool: “I think it was probably like, OK that makes this Foxy girl look really mean. But surprise, surprise!”

Will Rosa Mendes be a part of Total Divas season 4: “Rosa has a lot of things going on, like professionally, and the same with a lot of the girls. Our careers switch and change. So we’ll see what happens in season four but I don’t think she’s too far away. I mean she’s with us all the time.”

What will we see on Total Divas season 4: “I think you will be surprised. The personalities unleashed. Yeah. On another level.”

Check out new episodes of Total Divas season 4, Tuesdays on E! at 9/8c and watch me co-host the AfterBuzz TV after show. We go on live right after the episode airs. Follow me on Twitter for the latest!

Heather McDonald on Caitlyn Jenner comment backlash & Fashion Police

Former Chelsea Lately star Heather McDonald has vowed to stay more tight-lipped during interviews, following backlash over her comments regarding Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner. But the comedienne opened up to me on the red carpet…

Heather recently defended friend & Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch Kris in an interview, calling Caitlyn “a stick in the mud” and encouraging people to sympathize with the former athlete’s ex-wife. McDonald was widely criticized and brutally slammed on social media for the comments.

So when I caught up with her at a book release party for The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Lea Black, Heather was reluctant to talk at first. But after a little coaxing, the mother of two went on quite a rant.

Using the fall of E!’s Fashion Police as an example and reminiscing Joan Rivers, Heather denounced the new trend of only positive commentary being socially acceptable. I asked if she blames Kathy Griffin, who cited the snarky nature of Fashion Police as reason for leaving her short-lived stint on the show.

Press play above for my full interview and check out Heather’s stand-up schedule here.


Reality TV re-caps of the week: RHOC & Tough Enough

It was a particularly terrific week in reality television, with two housewives going at it over charity recipes and  thirteen inexperienced contenders starting a journey on WWE’s Tough Enough

Roll the video above for AfterBuzz TV’s The Real Housewives of Orange County after show, hosted by me & a couple of my fellow rosé-swilling Housewives FANatics.

Then check out the Tough Enough after show below. For the hotly anticipated season premiere, Casting Director Marc Levine joined us to chat live. He shared some really interesting details on the cast and how they were selected from over 11,000 applicants.

You can watch the latest episodes of all my after shows and celebrity interviews here and please follow me on Twitter to get in on the conversation!

Vanderpump Rules season 4 EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Vanderpump talks return of Jax’s ex

Vanderpump Rules season 4 is shooting now and star/executive producer Lisa Vanderpump gave me some juicy tidbits on the cast…

Press play above to see which of Jax Taylor‘s SUR exes may be returning and hear Lisa’s thoughts on Kim Richards’ addiction and how it affects The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

RHOC: Gretchen Rossi responds to Heather Dubrow, talks wedding plans

A brand new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres in 17 minutes!!

Here’s what former Housewife Gretchen Rossi and fiancé Slade Smiley have to say…

My WWE Tough Enough audition video: See the extended cut here!

Lots of wrestling fans want their shot on Tough Enough to win a WWE contract, making them the newest superstar or diva…

But I had a different idea. The revived reality competition show needs a behind-the-scenes interviewer and social media reporter. That should be me! Press play above to see why.

Please like, share & tweet @WWEToughEnough & let them know you want to see @CHRISTYreports on Tough Enough!


EXCLUSIVE: Heather & Terry Dubrow talk The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 premieres next week, following a long hiatus which was grueling for hardcore fans of the show like yours truly…

So when RHOC stars Heather and Dr. Terry Dubrow walked the red carpet in Hollywood last night I got enough juicy details to satisfy us all for one more week. Roll the interview video above and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 premiere Monday, June 8.

I’ll be hosting the RHOC after show on AfterBuzz TV and will post the link following each new episode. Follow me on Twitter @CHRISTYreports for the latest updates!


WWE Elimination Chamber After Show: The champ is HERE!

elimination chamber

While I couldn’t care less about real sports, WWE wrestling’s “sports entertainment” has enough of the latter to catch my attention…

I was a fan growing up and returned to watching a couple years ago when Total Divas debuted on E!. Now I’m co-hosting the WWE Pay-Per-View after show on Maria Menounos‘ AfterBuzz TV, and having a blast doing it! Apparently I’m also becoming quite the wrestling expert, because I predicted more correct winners on Sunday’s Elimination Chamber show than any of my co-hosts.

OK, perhaps it was more beginner’s luck combined with fierce loyalty and Ryback-inspired positive thinking. Either way, I am the Predictions Champion! I get a belt and everything, guys. It’s kind of a big deal.

So check out our show above and tweet me your thoughts @CHRISTYreports. I love to hear from my fellow WWE fans!

‘The Amazing Race’ winner Laura Pierson on returning to real life

Most people wouldn’t even consider returning to their normal jobs after scoring reality TV notoriety and a million dollar cash prize. The Amazing Race 26 winner Laura Pierson is not most people…

I caught up with the Los Angeles native at E! News host Catt Sadler‘s Women Like Us fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Roll the video above to hear what Laura’s up to now and whether she’s traded in her bargain fashions for high end red carpet attire.

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