Lisa Rinna says in interview before joining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ‘I wouldn’t want the drama’

This is really good, you guys!

I was shocked watching the trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ new season. Actress Lisa Rinna, a newcomer to the cast, is seen in a gnarly altercation with Kim Richards that turns physical. It’s especially surprising because I’ve run into Lisa at lots of Hollywood events and she’s always super nice, upbeat and seems low drama.

Actually it was her down-to-earth persona that prompted me to ask Lisa, in a January 2013 interview, if she would consider joining the hit reality show. I figured she’d say it’s not her thing and I was right! Even explaining why she wouldn’t want to do it, the longtime friend of co-star Lisa Vanderpump clearly didn’t anticipate she’d ever be a part of RHOBH.

So what made Lisa Rinna change her mind? Roll the video to see her comments, plus a possible explanation. And tune in to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere this Tuesday for her big debut!

South Park: Freemium Isn’t Free Afterbuzz TV after show

freemium isn't free south park

You’ve probably heard that the fabulous Maria Menounos created a new media platform for TV superfans called Afterbuzz TV

Well it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever and I got to be part of it! Press play below to check out my co-hosting debut on Afterbuzz: South Park, debating the latest episode, Freemium Isn’t Free.

It was so much fun! You can see a brand new live episode next Thursday at 6:05 PST or listen to the podcasts anytime.

With Afterbuzz TV you can watch or listen to over 300 after shows on your favorite device. Tune in live at, visit their YouTube channel or download free podcasts on iTunes.

Don’t forget to Tweet me @CHRISTYreports and let me know what you think of the latest South Park episodes!

Dance Moms Lawsuit THE EXCLUSIVE: My interview with a former student


A shocking lawsuit surfaced today, filed by former Dance Moms star Paige Hyland. The 13-year-old claims to suffer from panic attacks and extreme anxiety, allegedly caused by dance studio owner Abby Lee Miller. Citing cruel treatment, verbal and physical attacks and long hours, the lawsuit follows a 2013 physical altercation between Abby Lee and Paige’s mother, Kelly Hyland.

But what does a former member of the ALDC have to say?

Successful dancer, model and actress Allie Meixner began taking lessons at the studio when she was just three years old. Under Abby Lee’s direction, Allie studied in New York as a teenager and recently performed with Beyoncé at the MTV VMAs. I ran into her at a Hollywood event, where we talked about Abby’s harsh reputation and how Allie feels about her experience with the notorious teacher, now that she’s an adult. Press play above for the full interview.

You can also check out my past vlog below, featuring snippets from a chat I had with Paige and her sister Brooke Hyland last summer. While details regarding the teenager’s alleged condition are unknown, she certainly doesn’t show signs of anxiety while answering my questions on the red carpet…

You’ll definitely get a feel for what my opinion is in the videos. We’ll have to wait and see if Kelly Hyland takes responsibility for subjecting her daughters to the alleged mistreatment. I’m also curious how much blame will be placed on the Dance Moms‘ production team. Let’s not forget the Hyland family were willing, paid participants in the hit show, which made them stars around the world.

I really want to know what you all think about this! So post your comments below and follow me on Twitter @CHRISTYreports to join the conversation.

A-listers Get Lucky for Lupus, play poker

Is Pretty Little Liars hottie Sean Faris single? How’s Kendra Wilkinson doing, as fans watch  her marriage implode on reality TV? What would E!’s Total Divas have looked like if it premiered ten years ago?

I have all your answers in this exclusive red carpet interview. Just press play!

New comedy puts a spin on Hollywood

You will definitely want to watch this show after hearing the hot, hilarious cast talk about their outrageous characters…

The Adventures of Velvet Prozak is a brand new comedy pilot, fueled by EDM music, that takes you on a ride to the top of the Hollywood A-list. Velvet Prozak is the alter ego of an aspiring star and gets to lead a life his real self may never see.

Produced by Saige Walker and starring former Abby Lee Dance Company dancer Allie Meixner, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 winner Nicole Fox also appears and shows off her painting skills. But it sounds like their castmates may steal the show in a wild limo scene.

Roll the video to hear more from my interviews with the cast and watch the first episode online at

My celebrity inspired hair makeover

Breaking celebrity news! Popular Hollywood Blogger Christy Olson has undergone a complete hair transformation…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK, it’s not that big of a deal. But after seeing some of my favorite celebrities makeover their hairstyle for the new season, I decided to do something about my blah blonde locks. Since I’m not brave enough to chop it off a la Kaley Cuoco or attention-starved enough to rock crazy colors like Kendall Jenner, my options were limited.

So click through the gallery above to check out my new style and tweet me @CHRISTYreports with your glowing compliments! :-)

Movie premiere with Dean Cain

Attention ladies of Los Angeles: The scruffy guy on the Harley in a bomber jacket with his hat pulled down low could be an A-list TV and film star…

Media and fans barely noticed when former Superman star Dean Cain arrived to a recent film premiere. But I spotted him in the crowd and scored an interview about the movie, A Horse for Summer. Dean also talks about his popular VH1 drama Hit the Floor and reveals who likes to visit him on set.

Every Witch Way‘s Paris Smith also chatted with me, about her castmates and you’ll meet a few other young Hollywood up-and-comers. Roll the video above for all the exclusive interviews and Tweet me @CHRISTYreports with questions.

The Hollywood Museum has Marilyn, Lucy & Joan

If you come to Hollywood and want to see Marilyn Monroe’s jewels, Lucille Ball’s lipstick or costumes from today’s hottest TV shows, head to the only official Hollywood museum…

The Hollywood Museum has thousands of artifacts on four floors of Tinseltown’s richest history. Even the building itself, which belonged to cosmetics pioneer Max Factor, is the actual place where Marilyn had her haired dyed blonde and Lucy became the redhead we’d remember her as. It’s so fascinating! Roll the video above for my exclusive tour.

You’ll see everything from Pretty Little Liars party dresses and Orange is the New Black inmate garb as part of the Emmys exhibit, to the actual Silence of the Lambs Hannibal mask. What used to be Factor’s personal bowling alley in the basement has been transformed into a dark dungeon of horror memorabilia. And you get there in one of those huge, old open top elevators. Way cool!

To find out about all the exhibits go to & Tweet me @CHRISTYreports with questions about my visit.

Unique anti-bullying red carpet fashion

Forget answering phones at a telethon. Hollywood does charity fundraisers a little differently now…

Like an anti-bullying concert at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, complete with red carpet photographers and low necklines. That’s where a few famous ladies gave me some very passionate (and very hilarious) interviews. Press play above for an exclusive look at Janice Dickinson and her friends strutting their stuff and speaking out about the effects of bullying.

Fun Fact! Singer/Demi Lovato songwriter Nikki Williams (sparkly top dress) is Christina Fulton‘s (blue um…”superhero” suit) ex-daughter-in-law. They’re clearly still close. As are Christina and Janice, who met when they were supermodels back in the day. I like it when strong women stick together!

Get your ‘No More Bull’ merchandise here & Tweet me @CHRISTYreports with reactions to the style statements in the video.

Henry Danger stars’ first interview

Nick Kids are still traumatized from cancellation of the network’s latest hit show, Sam & Cat. But its creator, who also brought us Victorious, Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, iCarly, All That, and Kenan & Kel is ready to blast out something new…

Dan Schneider’s Henry Danger premieres soon and (as always!) I have your first exclusive interview with the cast. Sean Ryan Fox (Jasper), Riele Downs (Charlotte) and Ella Anderson (Piper Hart) star alongside Jace Norman (Henry Hart) in the sitcom about a young boy who becomes his favorite superhero’s sidekick. Press play above to hear about their on-set pranks, if they’ve become friends and whether Nickelodeon tells them what to say to nosy reporters like me.

Aren’t they cuuute?! And you’re going to see a lot of them. Nickelodeon has picked up the series for twenty episodes, which will begin airing in the fall. But you’ll get a special sneak peek on July 26 when the show kicks off with a supersized first episode/movie.

Tune in Saturday for the Henry Danger premiere special and click here for more on the show. Don’t forget to follow me @CHRISTYreports for the latest on all your favorite stars!

Bachelor in Paradise a ‘nightmare’?!?!

Here’s your first look at the cast of brand new The Bachelor spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise! The reality stars had just returned home, emotions clearly still reeling, when I scored this exclusive…

Fan favorites like Michelle Money, Jesse Kovacs and Lucy Aragon were shipped off to Tulum, Mexico for another shot at finding love. But did they only discover more heartbreak? Roll the video to see which former Bachelor winner/notorious secret-spiller says the shoot was a “nightmare.” The words “awkward” “uncomfortable” and “rollercoaster” are also used to describe the experience. Plus, host Chris Harrison explains why the incestuous franchise warranted another series.

I can’t wait to see the drama that caused these reality TV vets so much turmoil. Getting paid to hook-up in paradise sounds more like a dream than a nightmare to most of us. One cast member described the daily ritual this way: They get up, go to the pool and drink, do sit-down interviews with producers for three to four hours, then go back to the pool and drink more. What’s uncomfortable about that?!

The Bachelorette stars Ali Fedotowsky and DeAnna Pappas and their men also chatted with me. It all went down at the Love Your Butt colon cancer fundraiser in Hollywood. Michelle Money’s father passed away from the disease while she was appearing on The Bachelor, inspiring Harrison to create the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.

Press play above for all the exclusive interviews and tune in to Bachelor in Paradise, August 4th on ABC. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @CHRISTYreports for more breaking news from Hollywood!

A-listers at the 5th Annual Thirst Gala

Some of Hollywood’s most passionate do-gooders are involved with Thirst Project, helping to make clean water accessible around the world…

At the Fifth Annual Thirst Gala in Beverly Hills stars like Jennifer Garner, Debby Ryan and Drake Bell came together to raise over $250,000. I was on the red carpet where Jennifer Garner spoke only to CHRISTYreports from Hollywood, though the event was crowded with reporters. I had to get a little aggressive on this one. Press play above to see the insanity, including comedian Kevin Nealon‘s reaction when I try to grab him.

Young Hollywood is especially dedicated to this cause, with actress Cassandra Scerbo (Sharknado, Make It or Break It), donating to provide a water well to a third world community in need. The Secret Life of the American Teenager star Renee Olstead, The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran and Ryan’s Jessie co-star Karan Brar shared their passion for the cause with me as well.

Roll the video for these exclusive interviews, plus a juicy new piece of Hollywood gossip: Bravo reality star Mikey Rossi (Million Dollar Listing: LA) is dating a very successful, gorgeous actress. Check out her cute reaction to the couple being outed.

To join these celebrities in helping Thirst Project visit One hundred percent of all public donations go directly to funding freshwater wells.

Move over Ryan…I wanna be Shecrest!

I’ll never get bored of grilling celebrities on the red carpet. But a girl’s gotta branch out and try something new once in awhile. So I wrote a parody song and made a music video. Never done that before!

Now that you’ve been warned about my beginning singer status, press play above to see what it’s all about. Maybe you’re familiar with British songstress Lily Allen‘s hit song, ‘Sheezus.’ (Check it out here.)  In usual Lily fashion, she takes on Kanye West comparing himself to Jesus on his album Yeezus, and her fellow artists’ clamor to match Kanye’s success. Name-checking Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, she pokes fun at their desperation to be the female Yeezus.

But enough about Yeezus and Sheezus. This is about me and Ryan Seacrest! Whose name sounds conveniently like…well you probably caught that there. So I wrote a parody calling out the ‘Hardest Working Man in Showbiz’ and some of TV’s top hosting chicks. Giuliana Rancic, Maria Menounos and Joan Rivers are among those I respect enough to roast in my video. Barbara Walters is in there too. But I’d never talk shiz about her–not even sarcastically!

So roll the video for four minutes of me acting like a lunatic. You will definitely laugh at least two to twelve times. At least. Fifteen if you watch all the way to the end. Also, please check out ‘Shecrest’ on SoundCloud and share my artist page on MTV.

What do you think of ‘Shecrest’??? Tweet me @CHRISTYreports!

Dancing With the Stars celebrity selfies

After last night’s dazzling finale the pros and celebs of Dancing With the Stars were ready to party! I joined them at Sofitel in Beverly Hills and handed over my phone so the cast could capture their last night together…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s right. This super cute collection of pics was taken by the stars themselfies :-). Check out two shots of Cody Simpson mugging with friends, (he totally touched my phone you guys!) the classic smooch face from Karina Smirnoff and Danica McKellar with her family.

I didn’t anticipate that some of them would insist I get in the photo. Now, I never ask for pictures with people on the red carpet because it’s tacky. And anyway I can just use a freeze frame of us together from my interview. So yeah I don’t do that ’cause it’s tacky. Now click through the above photos of me with a bunch of celebrities.

The gallery also has more deets from the soireé, which was sponsored by Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.

Do you guys like this #CelebSelfie thing as much as I do? Tweet me @CHRISTYreports with your thoughts.

What’s trending today *tweet*tweet*

Since you’re all a bunch of social media mongers (totally a real word) let’s see what you’re tweeting and instavinkeendering (that one I made up) today…

It’s more than the headline newsmakers and stars’ Instagram throwback pics. Music fans counted down, Buffy reflected on Eva Longoria’s age and Tia Mowry made us question all celebrity tweets.

Roll this video for the day’s social media trending topics and hashtags, plus some good-natured commentary from yours truly. It’s something I’m going to do more of and this is kind of a first run. So tweet me your feedback @ChristyReports!



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