Psychic celebrity couples predictions

Will Mila and Ashton make it down the aisle? Justin and Selena taking the plunge too? Only one man in Hollywood can answer these super relevant questions. No. Not Seacrest…

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Psychic Medium Bill Philipps has lots of answers. He’s helped countless people with his special abilities, including celebrities. That means Bill’s legit. Oh and he totally gave my cameraman an on-the-spot reading. Several family members came through from the other side. And not that I needed convincing (yes I’m one of those people) but it was astonishing.

Back to the celebs. Bill discusses the future of a few A-list couples, with some surprises. Roll the video to check it out and Tweet me @ChristyReports.

Click here to see if Bill is coming to your city soon. He’s unbelievable!

8 Reasons to watch Nickelodeon in your 20s

Nickelodeon is way more than just the first place we saw Amanda Bynes acting like a nut. It was our own awesome Kid World of orange soda, Rugrats and a party every Saturday night. (SNICK!) Wouldn’t you love to go back?

Here are eight reasons to tune in again…

MINIMAL DRAMA. Penny’s Big Bang Theory career troubles mirror your real life desperation and every CSI murder victim is a twentysomething chick that looks just like you. So pop a chill pill, lock your doors and tune into some quality children’s programming. They don’t have parents, degrading jobs or ex-boyfriends with a criminal record. Stress free TV!

THE MUSIC. Admit it. You’re borderline obsessed with Ariana Grande anyway. And the theme song will live in your brain long after a Victorious marathon with your preteen cousins. So sit back and enjoy at least one bopping, fluffy, life-affirming pop song per Nickelodeon episode. They’ll remind you to stick up for your pals, keep dreaming big and always, “make it shine.” Whatever that means. You’re downloading it right now, aren’t you?

NOSTALGIA. Whether you’re reminiscing the Hey Dude Days, the Age of All That or the iCarly Era, these shows haven’t changed much. You still get a heart swelling half-hour of laughs with a lesson, played out by goofy characters who are way more loyal than your friends. And when that orange splattered blog flashes up on screen you forget overdrafts, deadlines and ex-friends like it made you forget homework and mean girls back in the day. There’s more…


My L.A. Story

I came to this crazy Hollywoodland six years ago, with the intention of staying forever…

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And I ain’t gone yet! But this is a fun look back at the journey.

From my tiny, empty apartment to an E! cubicle and finally hitting the red carpet, these pics tell My L.A. Story.

I hope you find some inspiration there. Us Dreamchasers have to stick together! Tweet me @ChristyReports so we can chat.

Renee Graziano done with Mob Wives?

The Mob Wives seem pretty scary on TV. Maybe that’s what is making it’s most notorious star consider leaving the show…

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But when I hung out with Renee Graziano for an interview she was cheerful, kind and very, very honest. She even talks about joining a different hit VH1 reality series, joking, “I’m looking to get married and divorced!”

The TV star also spoke candidly about her dangerous ex-husband and alleged mobster father. You almost never see her like this! It’s a really good one. Press play above and Tweet me

BREAKING: Total Divas wedding shocker

SUPER EXCLUSIVE NEWS: WWE Diva Eva Marie is a married woman!

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Several of her Total Divas co-stars have gotten engaged or hitched on the show. But Eva kept her six month marriage under wraps, until our recent interview. Play the video above to check it out. She also talks about Jojo’s absence from season two and why everyone hates the girl who replaced her.

Fellow Diva Ariane Andrew and her man talked candidly with me too. The new Total Divas season sounds so good! Don’t miss the premiere March 16.

Favorite clips from life in Hollywood

Whew! You all have been on this crazy ride with me for a couple years now…

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And this is your thank you gift for watching my hundred YouTube videos! It’s some of the best moments, all together in two minutes. OK 2:18. You try fitting this much fabulousness into 120 seconds!

Thanks for watching, everyone. Now subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter!

Young Hollywood celebrates GBF release

Ahhh the glamorous life of a young Hollywood star! Photo shoots, film premieres, a mimosa soaked brunch date with your fellow famous hotties…

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And starring in a movie once in awhile.

OK, Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse and her GBF co-stars work pretty darn hard. Sasha, Paul Iacono and Xosha Roquemore managed to squeeze out this little cult classic, short for Gay Best Friend, while appearing on their own hit TV shows. Press play above to roll interviews from the DVD release party. Cheers!

Priscilla Bouncin’ at dance rehearsal

Brazilian Pop sensation Priscilla is taking over the US with tunes that make you wanna dance!

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I crashed rehearsal for her upcoming video, Bouncin’ to give you a sneak peek at Priscilla’s new moves.

The concept is unique and the choreography is hot, thanks to famed choreographer Andre Fuentes. He’s best known for his work on Britney Spears’s videos and tours.

They’re shooting next week and the song will be available soon, at Until then only has you Bouncin’ with Priscilla!


ELLE debuts beauty issue with Napoleon

Make-up demos, the first look at ELLE’s March issue and a gift bag full of lip gloss…

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This is my kind of party! Apparently ELLE Beauty/Fitness Director Emily Doughtery doesn’t come to Hollywood often. So her old friend Napoleon Perdis wanted to help debut her beauty issue in style.

Or maybe I should say ‘on trend.’ Emily and Make-Up Guru Napoleon showed off the latest in cosmetic fashion, with him demonstrating how to get each look.

It was like a fashion show for your face! Check out the video above.

PLL star sings & spills on Emison

We now know Alison DiLaurentis is still alive, still pretty and still lying. But there are lots of things we don’t know.

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So I dug for answers from Ali herself, Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse. Press play above to hear if Ali and Emily are happening (Emison!), what she thinks of the finale and oh yeah…

Sasha also sings for me! A cappella. Country. Bad ass.

Tweet me @ChristyReports and tell me how awesome this interview is.


Urkel is coming back to TV

Did Iiii do thaaat?? Ha! I’m sure you remember Steve Urkel bursting through the Winslows’ door, with his pants pulled up to his chin…

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If you weren’t watching Family Matters in the 90s, maybe Dumb and Dumber was more your style. Either way, the 90s revival happening on TV and in movies has something you’ll love.

Roll the video for more on Dumb and Dumber To and Family Still Matters. The 90s are back and it’s like totally sa-weet!

GRAMMYs Celebrity Beauty Lounge

Celebs party so hard during GRAMMYs week that they have to visit a ‘beauty lounge’ to revive their superstar looks…

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I hit up the Beauty Is Love event at the ultra-luxurious Andaz Hotel and got fabulous hair, rosé wine and rosy lips. Check it out above. Music sensation Sevyn Streeter, Love & Hip Hop star Amina Buddafly and singer/actress Christina Milian were getting glamified too.

Yes, this is how we spend award show season in Hollywood. Not too shabby, right? Follow me @ChristyReports for more exclusive video from behind the scenes!


Chatting with the Dance Moms daughters

I’m one of those people who screams at the TV while watching reality shows. “How could you?! Why would you?!”

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Thankfully, I have a job that requires asking my favorite show’s stars those exact questions. Press play above for a fun vlog featuring Paige and Brooke Hyland and Asia Monet Ray from Dance Moms. If you’ve ever wondered just how embarrassing their mothers’ antics are, this one’s for you.

Have a burning question for your favorite reality star? Tweet me @ChristyReports and I’ll try to get your answer!


I shop with Vanderpump Rules star


Scheana Marie took me along shopping for her Watch What Happens: Live appearance…

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And when browsing couture gowns with a reality star, it’s only appropriate to pour her a glass of champagne and bombard her with questions. Like what the hell is wrong with her cruel co-stars and is Andy Cohen happy that she knocked her teeth out?

Scheana also talks candidly about ring shopping with her maybe fiancé, and why she’s cried watching this season. Plus, Champsing & Shopping is the only place you can get a first listen of her new song, Good as Gold. It’s so infectious and will force you to dance. To quote myself on Twitter, “It’s pop yumminess!”

So pour yourself a glass of champs and roll the video above for Scheana’s interview and new song. Then Tweet me your official Fashion Police Officer critique of the dresses we picked out. Cheers!

Vlog: Spilling interview secrets


You can see polished red carpet interviews anywhere. I’m showing you the raw, awkward, hilarious moments…

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Press play above for my latest vlog, revealing never-before-seen clips from my most unforgettable celebrity encounters. See me chase Fergie down, get sweet talked by a hot wrestler and lay my own smack down on a woman who interrupts me.

So much fun! You can Tweet me @ChristyReports to say that I have the best job ever. But I already know. XOXO

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