Dance Moms cast exclusive interview: Who’s leaving ALDC?

Dance Moms

Abby Lee Miller, the Abby Lee Dance Company and all their Dance Moms drama mamas talked to me on the red carpet at the Reality TV Awards…

With growing speculation over which mother/daughter duos may be leaving the team I took the opportunity to ask the Dance Moms stars themselves! While some are certain their ALDC jackets aren’t in jeopardy, Abby sounds apprehensive. “Let’s see how their contract negotiations go first,” the reality star laughs. But it’s no joke to Maddie Ziegler‘s mom, Melissa Gisoni. “I would say no,” she answers quickly when asked if the team will stay the same.

Fans have noticed a divide among the cast, which is beginning to play out on the hit Lifetime series. JoJo Siwa and mom Jessalyn describe being left out of recent ALDC appearances. “We haven’t really been a part of those,”Jojo says, referring to events in Australia. “So me and Nia have found a really good connection with each other,” she continues, referring to co-star Nia Sioux whose future with the team is also in question. Nia and her mother Holly Frazier have been critical of Abby and the way she treats them on Dance Moms. “As much as she might want to get rid of us, we’re not going anywhere,” Holly declares.

The girls’ respective music careers have been a major point of contention on the show. Nia released ‘Star In Your Own Life’ without Abby’s help and her friend Jojo is following suit. When asked if the ALDC matriarch is involved in her new single, ‘I Can Make U Dance,’ Jojo responds adamantly, “Nope. Not at all. I’m gonna say it loud and clear…nothing!”

But it’s safe to assume Abby will have a heavy hand in McKenzie Ziegler‘s latest music project. Following the success of ‘Girl Party’ the pint-sized dancer who calls herself Mac-Z is releasing a new album. Mom Melissa excitedly reveals, “It’s coming out very soon.” But will Dance Moms fans get to see Mac-Z hit the recording studio? “I don’t really need the show to platform them, you know, I’m good,” she attests.

If Abby gets her wish she may be too busy to worry about the ALDC and their dueling moms. Is the infamous dance teacher eyeing a spot on Dancing With the Stars? Roll the video above for her answer and to hear Jill Vertes chime in. Either way Abby will be spending more time in Los Angeles this summer as she opens ALDC L.A. on May 30. Check out the full interview to hear more about the new studio.

Fans will undoubtedly remain loyal to the original Dance Moms and their daughters. As controversy swirls around them Maddie, McKenzie, Nia, Jojo and teammates Kendall Jenner and Kalani Hilliker‘s continue to dance together. “We basically call each other sisters,” Kendall explains. That decade long bond between the girls is what anchors the show and keeps us watching…hopefully for many more seasons to come!

Press play for the cast’s red carpet interviews and please follow me on Twitter & subscribe on YouTube for the latest juicy dish on all our favorite reality stars!

#ThrowbackThursday: GRAMMY Awards party interviews

Happy #ThrowbackThursday from!

Press play above for my interviews with Ryan Cabrera, O-Town and The Voice season five finalist Will Champlin, from this year’s pre-GRAMMYs party.

Ant-Man actress Lyndsi LaRose gives exclusive movie details


Marvel Comics’ Ant-Man is set to be the superhero blockbuster of the summer, and when it’s released on July 16 everyone will be talking about Lyndsi LaRose

A well trained actress and experienced comedienne, Lyndsi plays the part of possible villain Emily. She divulges what she can about the much anticipated film in my interview with her for iTalk Movies. Press play above for the details, plus Lyndsi talks about her experience shooting Insurgent with Shailene Woodley.

Did I mention that she’s totally hilarious? The Arizona native had me laughing throughout our chat. No wonder her comedy troupe, Radcliffe, routinely sells out shows at L.A.’s famous The Groundlings Theatre.

It’s one of my favorite interviews EVER and I hope you enjoy it!

Vanderpump Rules reunion show update: Jax Taylor’s former girlfriend tells all

Vanderpump Rules guest star Rachael O’Brien visits Maria Menounos‘ AfterBuzz TV, dishing on the Vanderpump Rules reunion episodes and revealing all about her ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor. Joining hosts Christy Olson, Megan Stecher and Kristina Zias for the network’s Vanderpump Rules reunion after show, Rachael claims her relationship with the show’s notorious playboy affected her for years after its end and describes how producers manipulate scenes to maximize drama.

Before either appeared on Vanderpump Rules O’Brien was in a longtime relationship with Taylor, who’s become infamous on the show for his admitted lies and cheating. “Isn’t that what, like, sociopaths do?” she proposes during the interview, echoing many of her co-stars’ same accusation about Taylor. “I think he would have to be [a sociopath].” O’Brien, a Los Angeles based comedian and actress, goes on to describe how the relationship was “like going to war” and chronicles its messy end, claiming Taylor would disappear in the middle of the night and lied about being in the Army and going to college.

O’Brien addresses another accusation which Taylor himself brought up on this week’s reunion episode part one. When asked about his alleged drug use she states bluntly, “Let’s put it this way, I drug tested him once when I was dating him.” She continues on, recanting how she woke her then boyfriend up and demanded he take the test, which concluded with Taylor claiming he had unknowingly consumed drugs.

Their former relationship wasn’t all O’Brien spilled the details about, in this AfterBuzz TV exclusive. The part-time Vanderpump Rules cast member also spoke to the authenticity of the hit Bravo show. While reiterating that most of the on-screen controversy is very real, she also put a different spin on one much talked about scene. O’Brien says show producers instructed she and co-star Kristen Doute to “dress really pretty” and then surprised Doute with a visit to her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval‘s home. He would later berate his former flame on-camera for her attire during the visit.

Sandoval and Doute were involved in another ongoing storyline which viewers suspected was orchestrated behind the scenes. When asked if producers or Doute herself were responsible for the L.A. arrival of a woman alleging to have had an affair with Sandoval, O’Brien says knowingly “No one flew her out here. Production didn’t. Kristen didn’t.”

For more of Rachael O’Brien’s AfterBuzz TV interview check out the full video here and visit AfterBuzz TV for additional Vanderpump Rules content.

Alanna Ubach gives exclusive scoop on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce season two

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce star Alanna Ubach visits Maria Menounos‘ AfterBuzz TV, dishing on the show’s shocking finale and what’s in store for her beloved character, Jo. Joining host Christy Olson for the network’s Spotlight On interview series, Alanna gets candid about guzzling wine while live tweeting with her castmates and remembers studying with Angelina Jolie as a child actress, exclaiming, “Those are her real lips–I promise!”

Alanna quickly became a fan favorite after joining Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce in its eighth episode, taking a lead role alongside Lisa Edelstein. Her foul mouthed, unapologetically honest character Jo has arrived to help old friend Abby through a tumultuous divorce. “They espouse each other in the episodes as the show goes along,” Alanna says, adding, “She takes Jake’s role…I’m Jake! I’m Jake with boobs!” So what does she think of Jo’s in-your-face tendency to say what’s on her mind? “She’s very unaware of her words affecting anyone else. She just has to get it out, and I find it quite healthy and very heroic.”

While viewers are still reeling from Tuesday night’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce finale, Alanna already knows what’s coming next. “I have a secret about where it’s gonna go and it’s a huge surprise, a major surprise,” the actress teases. “Something really wild happens for season two.” She’s as eager as the fans to discover what’s in store for Jo, Abby and their friends, excitedly revealing that the cast will return to Vancouver in June to begin filming new episodes.

But Alanna had a hot career long before being cast on Bravo’s first scripted series. Beginning on Romper Room at the age of three to starring in TV shows and films as a teenager, the charismatic comedienne has over one hundred credits to her name. But she’ll never forget studying at the world-renowned Lee Strasberg Institute to prepare for that dynamic career. “I ended up going to school with Angelina Jolie and Antonia Bennett, Tony Bennett‘s daughter who’s now this incredible jazz artist, and it was unbelievable.” Describing Jolie as “painfully shy,” Alanna adds, “She was this beautiful little nymphet and wouldn’t say a word.”

Having appeared in blockbuster movies like Waiting, Legally Blonde and Meet the Fockers, in my exclusive interview Alanna talks about working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She also discusses her many guest starring roles on shows like Californication, Hung and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Check out the full Spotlight On video from AfterBuzz TV above and visit for more.

Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett jokes about Pretty Little Liars guest role

Everyone knows Mean GirlsJonathan Bennett and Pretty Little Liars villain Janel Parrish are BFF…

The duo met while competing against one another on Dancing With the Stars. But will they soon be teaming up on PLL?? Roll the video above for details and to see if Jonathan can still bust a move!

Exclusive with Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute

kristen doute

The most infamous ex-girlfriend on reality TV joined us for Afterbuzz’s Vanderpump Rules after show to dish on this week’s episode…

Kristen Doute reveals secrets from her former relationship with Tom Sandovahl, spills the beans on current boyfriend James Kennedy and talks about the blow-up fight they had at Scheana Shay‘s wedding. You do not want to miss one minute of this juicy interview!

Sweet Suspense interview: Teen girl group talks fighting & underage clubbing

Sweet Suspense is a truly sweet trio of teenage girls who are taking pop radio by storm…

In this exclusive interview with Millie Thrasher, Summer Reign and Chloe Polenghi the group talks about coordinating outfits, winning Grammys and what they do at the club–now that they can get in! Check it out above.

Jax Taylor’s tattoo shop owner weighs in on ex-girlfriend tats & cover-ups

We’ve watched Vanderpump Rules heartbreaker Jax Taylor get inked and re-inked on the hit reality show…

Now the owner of Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles, where viewers watched Jax get branded with his ex-girlfriend’s name, (only to need a cover-up shortly thereafter) reveals his advice to the reality star.

Plus do celebrities actually have to pay for their ink? And which pop princess brought the most paparazzi? Brian Keith Thompson tells all! Press play above.

Missy Elliott new album is coming! Producer speaks out

Following Missy Elliott‘s surprise Superbowl performance everyone is wondering when the Hip-Hop superstar will drop some new music…

It’s been nearly a decade since Missy’s last album and Grammy winning record producer Vinny Venditto has some insider info you’ll find only on!

My interview with ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ finalist Leeza Gibbons


*Please note: You’ll find this exact same article on other blogs. I WROTE IT!!

The Celebrity Apprentice frontrunner Leeza Gibbons visits Maria Menounos‘ Afterbuzz TV, dishing on her co-stars, longtime friend Joan Rivers and that other reality show. Joining co-hosts Christy Olson, Grant Rutter and Jessica Carroll on The Celebrity Apprentice AfterShow panel, Leeza admits she nearly bailed on the competition in its early stages and declares, “I don’t mess with mean.”

Though Leeza’s quickly become a fan favorite, the TV icon reveals she was a last minute add to this The Celebrity Apprentice season. She called on friends and former cast members Holly Robinson Peete and Marilu Henner for advice. “They said, listen, at first you’re going to hate it. Like the first week you are going to be miserable, and they were right!” But Leeza’s desire to win money for her charity, Leeza’s Care Connection, kept her in the competition. “My strategy is I want to show up to be my mother’s daughter and be as strong as she was and courageous as she was, and I want to honor every caregiver like my dad.”

But it hasn’t been easy she admits, exclaiming, “I’m locked in Trump Tower, come get me!” The veteran host, author and advocate looked to another old friend for inspiration. Former The Celebrity Apprentice champion Joan Rivers makes what would become one of her final television appearances this season. “I loved her because she was just a big softie really,” Leeza says, adding, “She redefined possibility.”

One new relationship Leeza’s forged during her stint on the show is with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. “When I started Celebrity Apprentice I had never seen one of those shows,” she admits. But viewers have since caught a glimpse of her on the hit Bravo show, when she attended Brandi’s housewarming party, creating buzz that she may join the cast. So would Leeza ever consider becoming a Real Housewife? “No. No. No,” she blatantly answers, seeming to shut down the rumors. “But you know what? Six months ago, even the night before I went on Celebrity Apprentice I would’ve said no. So you know life is kind of strange that way.” Sounds like she could be convinced!

In this exclusive interview Leeza also talks about working with Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore. “Kenya is very bright and she is very creative, as she will tell you.” Kevin Jonas comes up in the conversation as well. “He was bold. And he overplayed his hand. And I don’t think he regrets it.”

Check out the full video above and click here for more The Celebrity Apprentice scoop from Afterbuzz TV. “You know so much more about the show than those of us on the show,” Leeza told the hosts. (That’s me!!)

Alicia Fox Total Divas interview #TBT

Alicia Fox zTotal Divas

It’s Throwback Thursday at & I found a fantastic Alicia Fox Total Divas tidbit in our archives…

Check out this August 15, 2013 interview with the WWE Diva and newest Total Divas cast member. She talks about the show she’ll go on to STAR in and discusses wrestling injuries. Press play above to see her answer the question, ‘Are you afraid of breaking your face in the ring?!’

I’m loving Alicia Fox Total Divas moments–are you?! Roll the interview and tweet me @CHRISTYreports with your thoughts.

Stylist to the stars talks celebrity hair makeovers

If you’re considering a new look for the new year check out this interview with celebrity hair stylist and beauty expert, Hasblady Guzman

Having transformed the likes of Ana Ortiz, Gerard Butler and Paris Hilton, she styles clients for movie premieres, awards shows, red carpet events, Fashion Week runways and editorial spreads. How can you incorporate that Hollywood glamour into your own everyday look? There’s no one better to ask than Hasblady!

With stars like Selena Gomez, Kaley Cuoco and Lauren Conrad getting major hair makeovers, Hasblady offers her own suggestions to recreate their star style. Everyone seems to be rocking shorter ‘dos, hot colors and forehead fringe. But there’s a right and wrong way to do it. So press play above for Hasblady’s expert advice.

Seriously though. If I’d taken her advice to approaching a shorter length by cutting off three inches at a time, I wouldn’t be spending time and money on hair extensions. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Listen to what Hasblady has to say and visit her Pasadena, California salon Bokaos, if you’re in town.

Enjoy this super exclusive interview and please tweet me pics of your hair makeover @CHRISTYreports!

Breaking down my Bravo favorites | | ‘Real Housewives’ & ‘Vanderpump Rules’ after shows

Merry Christmas, reality TV fans! While most networks aired snoozeball reruns this week, Bravo hit us with new episodes of Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So I got together with my fellow superfans to discuss both. Check out the after shows below:

Thanks for watching!

Girl Meets World star August Maturo & What happened to that other brother?

By a Hollywood Hills landslide, my most popular YouTube video is a June 2013 interview with some of the Girl Meets World cast…

So here’s another! This exclusive interview features seven-year-old August Maturo, who plays Auggie on the popular spin-off. I caught up with him at the Beverly Hills premiere of A Horse for Summer. We chatted about his experience working with Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel and other former Boy Meets World stars. Press play above to check it out.

Now back to that original GMW video <–click here to check it out] I asked Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter and Teo Halm Boy Meets World trivia and asked them to describe their GMW characters. They’d just shot the pilot episode, and at that time Teo was set to play Riley’s older brother. But show producers decided a big brother character wouldn’t work and the fifteen-year-old actor was cut from the show.

Halm has done fantastically well anyway, starring in summer blockbuster Earth to Echo and embarking on a huge media tour. But was his first ever red carpet interview, as he reminded me when we reunited earlier this year at a charity event. Click here for more on that and to see the video.

So thanks to all of you, for being as obsessed with the 90s classic as I am and watching these. For an audio-only podcast of August’s interview press play below or download SHECREST Live! podcasts from the iTunes store here. And don’t forget to Tweet me @CHRISTYreports. I love to hear your thoughts!

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